This working group will work on standards for data management and standards (e.g. predefined statistical analysis plans) and strategies for data analyses.
Therefore, experts in this group will join forces and consist of complementing disciplines such as clinicians, clinical trial specialists, data documentation specialists, biostatisticians and mathematicians.

This working group will perform the following central tasks:

  • Standards for data handling and quality control
  • Standards for statistical analysis procedures
  • Development of strategies for hypothesis driven data analyses
  • Development of strategies for data driven analyses
  • Organization of Short Term Scientific Missions, to train scientists in data management and statistical data analyses
  • Dissemination of standards and registration of predefined analyses plans on the COST Action website
  • Implementation of the database into the COST Action’s website

GP1 Meeting Klagenfurt
29.-30. January 2015


GP1 Meeting, Regensburg
30 July 2014

The WG 2 Database Action workshop was being held on Wednesday 30 July in Regensburg, Germany.

Participants WG2 GP1 meeting


Berthold Langguth (Germany)

Michael Landgrebe (Germany)

Hannah Frick (Austria)
Daniela Krainer (Austria)
Johannes Oberzaucher (Austria)
Stefan Reich (Austria)
Christian Stingl (Austria)
Antti Aarnisalo (Finland)
Uli Frick (Germany)
Michael Koller (Germany)
Astrid Lehner (Germany)
Birgit Mazurek (Germany)
R├╝diger Pryss (Germany)
Manfred Reichert (Germany)
Martin Schecklmann (Germany)
Winfried Schlee (Germany)
Susanne Staudinger (Germany)
Agnieszka Szczepek (Germany)
Florian Zeman (Germany)
Thanos Bibas (Greece)
Kneginja Richter (Macedonia)
Elouise Koops (Netherlands)
Jan Bulla (Norway)
Antonio Lopez-Escamez (Spain)
Jaime Serquera (Spain)
Christopher Cederroth (Sweden)
Patrick Neff (Switzerland)
Tobias Kleinjung (Switzerland)
Jamie Ward (United Kingdom)
Lorents Peter Aarsnes (Norway)
Josef Poeppel (Germany)
Carlos Trenado (Germany)
Eleni Vlahou (Slovakia)
Myra Spiliopoulou (Germany)
Thomas Probst (Germany)
Tommy Hielscher (Germany)
Uli Niemann (Germany)
Bernhard Miller (Germany)
Johannes Schobel (Germany)
Michael Stach (Germany)
Ulrich Ebner-Priemer (Germany)
Jens-Christian Hauk Eriksson (Norway)
Phillipe Delespaul (Netherlands)
Vasco de Oliveira (Portugal)
Franziska Schierlinger (Germany)

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