MC Meeting in Brussels, 19 January 2015

According to the COST Action Management, the coordination, implementation, and management of an Action as well as supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the funds with a view to achieving the Action's scientific and technological objectives are entrusted to the Action Management Committee (MC). Action MC Members represent the COST Member Country or the Cooperating State having been nominated by the COST National Coordinator, regardless of their nationality. The MC is composed of up to two representatives from each Member Country or Cooperating State participating in the Action. The MC may include up to two representatives from International Partner Country, Near Neighbour Country or Specific Organisation participating in the Action. In the latter case, researchers are MC Observers with no voting rights and must come from different institutions. The Action MC, supported by the advice of the DC rapporteur and the COST Office, has the responsibility to:

  • Define and manage the Action Strategy;
  • Define the Action Structure, including: Working Group structure and membership, election of the Action Chair, Vice-Chair, Grant Holder and other COST Action Positions needed to achieve Action Objectives;
  • Establish specific provisions linked to the management, sharing or exploitation of Intellectual Property that may rise from an Action (...). Such provisions must comply with national or international legislation and the need for protecting the participants’ legitimate interests;
  • Perform the reporting duties for the monitoring and assessment of an Action, without prejudice of the monitoring responsibilities of the DC and COST Office.

In fulfilling its responsibilities the Action MC shall take into account the advice provided by the DC Rapporteur responsible for the Action and by the COST Office.

COST Management Committee Chairs

Winfried Schlee 120

Dr. Winfried Schlee, MC Chair

Tobias Kleinjung 120

Prof. Tobias Kleinjung, MC Vice Chair

COST Participants

Country MC Member MC Substitute
Austria Ms Daniela Krainer Mr. Stefan Reich
Belgium Prof. Sven Vanneste Prof. Paul Van De Heyning
  Dr. Audrey Maudoux Dr. Michael Boedts
Bulgaria Prof. Katya Simeonova  
Cyprus Dr. Eleftherios Papathanasiou  
Czech Republic Prof. Josef Syka Dr. Oliver Profant
Denmark Mr Ole Dyrlund Ms Susanne Steen Nemholt
  Prof. Ture Andersen  
Finland Mr Petteri Hyvarinen  
  Dr. Antti Aarnisalo  
France Dr. Arnaud Norena Dr. Marco Congedo
  Mr Alain Londero Prof. Hung Thai-Van
fYR Macedonia Prof. Kneginja Richter  
Germany Dr. Berthold Langguth Dr. Elisabeth Wallhaeusser-Franke
  Prof. Birgit Mazurek Prof. Orlando Guntinas-Lichius
Greece Dr. Dimitrios Kikidis Prof. Thomas Nikolopoulos
  Prof. Athanasios Bibas Prof. Stavros Korres
    Dr. Giorgos Sakkas
    Dr. Eleftherios Lavdas
    Dr. Dimitrios Louloudis
Iceland Dr. Einar Jon Einarsson   
Ireland Dr. Sean Mcgrath  
  Dr. Colin Flanagan  
Israel Dr. Eitan Mijiritsky  
  Dr. Yahav Oron  
Italy Prof. Nathan Weisz Dr. Carmela Stillitano
  Dr. Alessandra Fioretti Dr. Letizia Leocani
Lithuania Dr. Ingrida Uloziene Prof. Virgilijus Uloza
Malta Dr. Alec Lapira  
Netherlands Prof. Pim Van Dijk  
  Dr. Rilana Cima  
Norway Dr. Jan Bulla   
Poland Ms Malgorzata Wrzosek Dr. Anna Pajor
  Dr. Anna Fabijanska   
Portugal Dr. Haúla Haider Mr. Diogo Ribeiro
  Prof. Helena Caria  
Romania Dr. Ioana Dana Alexa  Dr. Dragos Peptanariu 
  Mr Vasile Cepoi   
Serbia Dr. Sonja Pavlovic Dr. Vesna Mandusic
    Prof. Dragoslava Djeric
    Prof. Nenad Arsovic
Slovakia Dr. Norbert Kopco Dr. Eleni Vlahou
Slovenia Dr. Saba Battelino  
Spain Jose Antonio Lopez-Escamez Dr. Manuel Castellano-Munoz
  Ms Isabel Diges Prof. Manuel Sanchez Malmierca
Sweden Dr. Christopher Cederroth Prof. Barbara Canlon 
  Prof. Esma Idrizbegovich  
Switzerland Dr. Tobias Kleinjung Dr. Steffi Weidt
  Prof. Martin Meyer  
Turkey Dr. Ozlem Sengoz Sirin Nilgün Sengoz
United Kingdom Dr. David Baguley Prof. Roland Schaette
  Prof. Deborah Hall  

TINNET is a European research network funded from April 11, 2014 to April 10, 2018 by the COST program under the Action number BM1306.

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