Due to the fact that tinnitus is a complex condition with a multifactorial origin, experts in this group will consist of otologists, audiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurophysiologists, clinical trial methodologists and representatives from the industry. Based on a previously started consensus process (30) experts from different disciplines will join forces  and further develop standardization procedures for easy, practicable and meaningful patient characterization. Guidelines for detailed clinical definition and phenotypic characterization of cases and controls will be developed. Importantly, not only tinnitus characteristics (e.g. loudness, frequency, modulatory factors) but also comorbid conditions (e.g. hyperacusis, depression, anxiety) and impact (tinnitus related handicap, quality of life) will be assessed. Furthermore, data on environmental factors (hearing impairment, head- or necktrauma, stress) will be collected.

This working group will perform the following central tasks

  • Development of harmonized guidelines for demographic and clinical assessment of patients and controls as well as definition of criteria for control recruitment
  • Development of standards for audiological assessment of patients and controls
  • Development of a web-based tool for demographic and clinical assessment, symptom scoring instruments and specific validated self-report questionnaires
  • Dissemination of the guidelines and standards
  • Organization of Short Term Scientific Missions, allowing medical professionals to benefit from clinical training in the setting of established clinics dedicated to the assessment and management of tinnitus and related disorder
  • Implementation of guidelines and recommendations on the COST Action website

Rilana Cima (Netherland)

Haúla Haider (Portugal)

Matthijs Killian (Belgium)
Sarah Rabau (Belgium)
Josef Syka (Czech Republic)
Oliver Profant (Czech Republic)
Eleftherios Papathanasiou (Cyprus)
Ole Dyrlund (Denmark)
Susanne Nemholt (Denmark)
Clément Sanchez (Denmark)
Antti Aarnisalo (Finland)
Alain Londero (France)
Arnaud Norena (France)
Haula Haider (Portugal)
Eberhard Biesinger (Germany)
Petra Brüggemann (Germany)
Daniela Ivansic-Blau (Germany)
Berthold Langguth (Germany)
Birgit Mazurek (Germany)
Josef Rauschecker (Germany)
Matthias Rose (Germany)
Agnieszka J. Szczepek (Germany)
Veronika Vielsmeier (Germany)
Thanos Bibas (Greece)
Stavros Korres (Greece)
Yahav Oron (Israel)
Roberto Assente (Italy)
Domenico Cuda (Italy)
Luca del Bo (Italy)
Alessandra Fioretti (Italy)
Carmela Stillitano (Italy)
Virgilijus Ulozas (Lithuania)
Ingrida Uloziene (Lithuania)
Alec Lapira (Malta)
Thomas Fuller (Netherlands)
Leontien Geven (Netherlands)
Marcel Maré (Netherlands)
Dyon Scheijen (Netherlands)
Joost van Tongeren (Netherlands)
Olav Wagenaar (Netherlands)
Anna Fabijanska (Poland)
Magdalena Korczyńska (Poland)
Anna Pajor (Poland)
Malgorzata Wrzosek (Poland)
Ioana Dana Alexa (Romania)
Vasile Cepoi (Romania)
Tijana Bojic (Serbia)
Galina Jokovic (Serbia)
Saba Battelino (Slovenia)
Angel Batuecas-Caletrio (Spain)
Isabel Diges (Spain)
Juan M. Espinosa (Spain)
Miguel A. Lopez-Gonzalez (Spain)
Jaime Serquera (Spain)
Christopher Cederroth (Sweden)
Niklas Edvall (Sweden)
Özlem Şengöz Şirin (Turkey)
David Baguley (United Kingdom)
Naima Deggouj (Belgium)
Saskia Ranson (Netherlands)
Magdalena Sereda (United Kingdom)
Lorents Peter Aarsnes (Norway)
Aristides Atanasiadis-Sismanis (Greece)
Christiakis Damianou (Cyprus)
Anne Devolder (Belgium)
Martin Gareth Edwards (Belgium)
Vénéra Ghulyan (France)
Michael Golenhofen (Germany)
Marianne Grohé (Germany)
Jens Christan Haug-Eriksson (Norway)
Esma Idrizbegovic (Sweden)
Tobias Kleinjung (Switzerland)
Émilie Lacroix (Belgium)
Charles Large (United Kingdom)
Oscar Aleman Lopez (Spain)
Alessandra Murri (Italy)
Gabriela Musat (Romania)
Bruno Neuner (Germany)
Eward Ozimek (Poland)
Ake Reimer (Sweden)
Antonio Romero-Garcia (Spain)
Lukas Ruettiger (Germany)
Codru Sarafoleanu (Romania)
Claudia Seydel (Germany)
Henrky Skarzynski (Poland)
Jan Tro (Norway)
Peter van Hengel (Netherlands)
Eric Wersinger (France)
Mark Williams (United Kingdom)
Fikret Zengin (Germany)
Sarah Michiels (Belgium)
Diogo Ribeiro (Portugal)
Sara Cisternino (Italy)
Jens Acker (Germany)
Patricia Perez Carpena (Spain)
P. Cox (Netherlands)
M. Jansen (Netherlands)
Giovanna Baracca (Italy)

TINNET is a European research network funded from April 11, 2014 to April 10, 2018 by the COST program under the Action number BM1306.

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