COST Actions can share knowledge and support collaboration also through Training Schools. Training Schools can be organised by a COST Action on related research topics and can provide dissemination opportunities for an Action's activities. Training Schools provide intensive training in emerging research topics within the laboratories and organisations involved in the COST Action. Participants are mainly, but not exclusively, young researchers involved in COST Actions. Training Schools also cover appropriate re-training as part of life-long learning.

Announcements of open TINNET training schools are posted in the "News" Section at the main page. 


History of TINNET Training Schools 


December 9-11, 2015: Training School on M/EEG analysis, Salzburg, Austria

Training school Salzburg

The training school was organized by Gaetan Sanchez, Nathan Weisz and Thomas Hartmann.

Trainers: Nietzsche Lam and Tzvetan Popov

Training school war organized for promoting MEG and EEG research in understanding the neuronal underpinnings of tinnitus heterogeneity using the FieldTrip toolbox under Matlab.


May 12-13, 2015: TINNET Training School, Prague, Czech Republic

The training school was organized by Prof. Syka and Dr. Profant.

The topics covered theoretical courses and practical training in auditory neuroscience (humans and animal models).


May 10-12, 2015: Systematic review training school, Nottingham, UK

The training school was organized by Prof. Deborah Hall, Dr. Haúla Haider et al.

Working group 5 is collectively working on a systematic review of the outcome measures that have been used in clinical trials of tinnitus. One of the focuses for the training school was to collectively conduct the data extraction from the papers for the systematic review on outcome measures. The training was provided as a three day course. with one-two trainers will be present throughout. 

TINNET is a European research network funded by the COST program under the Action number BM1306.

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