Welcome to TINNET: An Action for Better Understanding the Heterogeneity of Tinnitus to Improve and Develop New Treatments

TINNET Management Committee in Brussels, 19 January 2015

On july 4th 2014 in Athens, Greece (hosted by the University of Athens) the first WG1 "Clinical' was attended by 17 participants. The countries represented were: Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, The Czech Republic, Romania, and Malta.

The meeting proved very productive in that it led to consensus-based decisions about the work-group aims, yearly estimated progress of our work group,  rich brainstorm sessions, a plan of action for the coming years, and a first step in the development of a questionnaire. Data gathered from a variety of clinicians across Europe by means of this questionnaire will lead to a description of the 'Clinical' status quo in Europe in tinnitus healthcare & assessment in the first year. Combining these results a stepped-care tinnitus health-care and assessment proposal will be drafted. This proposal will be assessed by using the 'Delphi' method, after which we aim to provide a description of 'Consensus-based, harmonized, and adaptive guidelines for demographic and clinical assessment of tinnitus-patients' by the end of the TINNET project.


Audiology Worldnews: TINNET as the next step in tinnitus research: Towards evidence-based medicine

The Online Journal Audiology Worldnews published a summary of the speech that Berthold Langguth held on the TINNET COST action during the 8th International TRI Tinnitus Conference from 10-13 March in Auckland, New Zealand.

Article at Audiology Worldnews

The TINNET kick-off meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, on 11. April 2014. During the meeting the Grant Holder, Chair, Vice-Chair, and other important roles of the Action were nominated.

 Other relevant dates are:

  • Approval by the Committee of Senior Officials: 15-11-2013
  • Start of the Action: 11-04-2014
  • End of the Action: 10-04-2018 (4 years)

TINNET is a European research network funded from April 11, 2014 to April 10, 2018 by the COST program under the Action number BM1306.

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